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Model: UMDF

Name: Programmable DC Process Meter


The model UMDF is designed under micro base, and it also specially designed as DC versa meter for process system, it features
1. Wide standard DC input ranges of over 200 voltage & current ranges as 0-200mA, 0-100mA or 50mA ect.
2. With bottom pressing rangeability for display scale to suit required engineering unit range from 0 to ±19999 units.



True Process DC rate monitor
Wide standard DC voltage & current input
Rangeable of display scale for engineering unit
High accuracy of 0.2%
Two wire application
4-1/2 digits of maximum ±19999 counts
Display with supper rate LED


Accuracy (23±3℃) 0.2% fs
Stability Temperature coefficient < 50 ppm per degree C. Long term draft < 0.1% per year
Display & resolution 0.56” super rate LED, 4-1/2 digits of maximum ±19999 counts
Response time Sample rate 1 sec typically
Input resistance > 1MΩ for voltage input, < 20Ω for current input
Input over Maximum 1 ampere for current input, maximum 250V for voltage input
Noise rejection CMRR > 120dB, NMRR > 100dB
Common mode voltage 2KV rms / 1 minute
Operating condition Temperature range -10 to 55℃, 0 to 99% RH non-condensed
Storage -25 to 70℃, 20-99% RH non-condensed
Auxiliary power AC / DC version < 3.5VA, DC option version ±20% < 5 watts