Reference Standard Meter


HCE most recents inputs into the reference meters market borns from well know needs and limitations by our own experience developing and continuously improving metering and monitoring equipment along the years Electric Panels located in substation and diverse industrial applications. Mainly contains the following: Measurement elements, control switches, signalling and secondary protection (over-current, differential, etc.)

1. Maintenance services base in the installation requirements for the well functioning of the grid.
2. Technical researches and investigation for read patterns that generate issues that may affect the installation and aim for avoid to face them lately. Requested under the highest level of standard as could be for the Electric generation and distribution area.

HC3600 not only answer a concrete need, it’s versatility, high accuracy, performance and stability over continuous use in many diverse applications do more than just empower the professional fulfilling the current technician and engineers needs, it opens to the user a much more wide catalog of applications and business opportunities that before simply wasn’t possible to meet the standard. 
  • Precision with auto range measurement
    • Voltages : 0.01% reading
    • Currents 0.01% reading
    • Powers and energies
      • Current direct 0.02% reading
      • Clamp (CTΦ8S) 0.05% reading
  • Standard current inputs:
    • Direct in 0.001-12A
    • Clamp CTΦ8S 0.01A-12A
  • Optional current inputs:
    • Clamp CTΦ20P 10mA-200A
    • Clamp CTΦ50P 10-1000A
  • Rogowski coil 20-3000A
  • Field test can be powered by power bank
  • Fast trace port calibration assuring long-term stability
  • Power qualities analysis
    • Real –fundamental-distorted power energy measurements
    • Power harmonic analysis 1-100 th
  • CT Ratio and CT PT burden Tests
  • Potable IP67 water protective enclosure
  • IPC 10” Display with Touch-screen
  • 2 Years warranty


Standard Inputs

Model 3600
Input Mode Direct Clamp CTΦ8S(2)(5)
Uncertainty Range Uncertainty Range
Frequency 60ppm 45-65Hz    
Voltage 100ppm 30-500V    
100ppm(4) 1-30V    
Currents 100ppm 0.05-12A 500ppm 0.1-12A
100ppm(4) 0.01-0.05A 500ppm(4) 0.02-0.1A
Powers-energies 30-500V 30-500V
150ppm±0.0015° 0.06-12A 500ppm±0.005° 0.1-12A
150ppm(4) ±0.002° 0.02-0.06A 500ppm(4) ±0.005° 0.02-0.1A
PF-Phase angle 0.003° 0.05-12A 0.01° 0.1-12A


Optional inputs

Clamps(2)(5) CTΦ20P  CTΦ50P
Uncertainty Range Uncertainty Range
Currents 0.2% 2-200A 0.3% 30-1000A
0.2%(4) 0.1-1A 0.3%(4) 10-30A
Powers-Energies 0.2% ±0.05° 2-200A 0.3% ±0.07° 50-1000A
0.2% ±0.05°(4) 0.5-2A 0.3% ±0.07°(4) 10-50A
PF-Phase angle ±0.05° 2-200A ±0.07° 50-1000A
Rogowski coil(5)(9) RC3000
Uncertainty Range Center position
Current 0.6-1.2% 50-3000A 30-50mm C.P
Powers-Energies 0.6-1.2% ±0.05° 50-3000A 30-50mm C.P
PF-Phase angle >50A ±0.05°  
Wireless CT HV Clip-on CT (Three range options)Botton position
Uncertainty FS HV 1200A HV 600A HV 50A
Current 1%  50-240A 20-240A 1-50A
2% 240-400A 240-400A  
3% 400-1200A 400-600A  
PF-Phase angle >measure range ±1.5°    


Temperature (-10-40°C) Direct Clamps
V-I 3ppm /°C 5ppm /°C
P-E 6ppm / °C 12ppm / °C
Drifts/year Direct  
Fast calibration/3month    
V-I 20ppm/year  
P-E 40ppm/year  
No calibration    
V-I 40ppm/year  
P-E 80ppm/year  



(1)Safety operation ground (FG) essentially required

(2) CT measurement under proper space compensators

(3)Pf range P for cosø and Q for sinø

(4) Relative uncertainty versus final value of test range

(5) No external magnetic and electrical field

(6)CTΦ8S precision measurement referring F1 page

(7) CTΦ8S probe versus S side connectors and CTΦ20P/ CTΦ50P probe versus P side connectors

(8)In integrating conversion Q QE only for fundamental and in standard FFT mode Q QE for real power conversion

(9)Rogowski coil test only for fundamental in integrating mode and in standard FFT mode Q QE for real power conversion

  • Certifications
  • CE(IEC 61326-1), IP67, IEC 60068-2-6, IEC 60068-2-27, IEC 61010-1*, M567867, M567868