Multifunction Power Quality Transducer


HCE Digital Power Transducer systems HC6600 presents a compact design, electronically advanced and programmable meeting world most widely used ANSI / IEEE / IEC standards.

It’s development its base on industrial and commercial application where there is need for a display on the device and the whole monitoring is being manage by Modbus, Scada or others protocols. On the site this series devices are able to be settled up like CT & PT Ratio,
Modbus address, communication baud rate, parity etc.

Comprehensive System Integration

Every device in this series include our proprietary software that will support the user to integrate and manage our Digital Transducers into the application network quickly.

Also allows easy access to all meter setup information and actual values via a personal computer and one of the PC’s communication ports (COM1 or COM2). The PC Tool is able to do the function as bellows:
Program / Modify setup information
 Load / save setup information files from / to disk Read actual “Basic” value (current / voltage / power / frequency)
This software can be used as stand-alone without a HC 6600 to create or edit HC 6610 setup information file.

With meeting world most widely used ANSI / IEEE / IEC standards, HC6600 is managed by Modbus, Scada or others protocols and settled up at site like CT & PT Ratio,
Modbus address, communication baud rate, parity etc.


  • For factory and building automation 
  • Modbus RTU 
  • Maximum 580V 
  • True RMS conversion 
  • Build in RTC (real time clock) 
  • Field programmable PT / CT ratio 
  • Accuracy up to 0.15% 
  • Data log 
  • 2 ports : RS485 + RS232 
  • Memory for all setup and energy data 
  • " "Comprehensive self test diagnostics 
  • Low input burden 0.1VA (5A / 120V) 
  • Wide Power supply range 80-260V AC/DC 
  • Compact physical configuration 
  • 2KV RMS input / output / power isolation 
  • Commonly for DIN rail-mounting 
  • Protective touch-proof terminals and enclosure meeting requirements of VBG4 & VDE 0106 part 100 (Germany) 


  • 0.15%fs for V x 3
  • 0.15%fs for A x 3
  • 0.25%fs for Watts
  • 0.25%fs for Vars
  • 0.25%fs for VA
  • 0.25%fs** for PF
  • 0.8%rd** for WH
  • 0.8%rd** for VarH
  • 0.5%fs for IO(AO)
  • 0.03%rd for Hz
  • 0.25%fs for Watt demand
  • 0.15%fs for Amper demand
  • ** Accuracy performance range for WH/VarH/PF, Cosθ : 1-0.5 for WH/PF, Sinθ : 1-0.5 for VarH, Voltage≧50V, Current≧10% of rating


  • CE