IEC61850 for TPC Yantian 150M PV Farm


IEC61850 Power SCADA and Redundant System



TPC Yantian 150M PV Farm

IEC61850 Power SCADA

Redundant System

Taiwan - East Asia
High Voltage
Medium Voltage
Low Voltage
Customer Taiwan Power Company
Project start December 2019
Project completion July 2020
Products involved (HCE) IEC61850 SWITCH*6
(HCE) Large Size CDRTU
iControl #Substation Plus Redundant System (updating)
iGW-VM #Substation Server Plus Redundant System

(iGrid) iRTU*69 sets, (ABB, ZIV) IEC61850 IED*34
Number of data points Up to 80,000 I/O points
Protocols DNP 3.0, IEC61850, Modbus

Description of the project

Taiwan Power Company (TPC) was established on May 1st, 1946. It is a comprehensive power company covering with power generation, transmission, distribution and sales. It is the only electricity company that sell power in Taiwan. All electric power produced by private power plants and the cogeneration of gas and electricity must be sell to TPC, and TPC will resell to users.

This project began in December 2019, It not only applied iControl #Substation Plus Redundant System and iGW-VM #Substation Server Plus Redundant System, but also used 69 sets of iRTU from iGrid and 34 units of IEC61850 IED from both ABB and ZIV. Moreover, It applied IEC61850 SWITCH, which is a brand new functional product produced by HCE. The project used IEC61850 system structure and use DNP 3.0 transmit to the control center.



  • [ Z I V ]  34 units of IEC61850 IED 


  • [ Solar ]  The Solar Energy - Tainan Yantian / 150M PV Farm